Information for students

Here you will find all the information that could be important for your studies. This includes, of course, the final papers and exams but also social events of the student council because studying is not only about learning.

Regarding studying

To make it easier for you to study, we have summarized the most important information. The most relevant are probably the exams and later the theses, for each of which we have created a separate page. If you have (organizational) problems with events, you can always contact us. If you want to put your knowledge into practice with other people, you can also join a university group to build rockets or autonomous boats, for example.


The student council organizes various social activities. These have for a long time been the summer party in the summer semester and the St. Nicholas party in the winter semester. Also (board) game evenings are organized, which run under "GnoM" (Games no Machines). Additionally there is "RPGnoM" for role playing games. Besides these examples there are other actions, also spontaneous ones. An overview of all events can be found on the activities page. The student council also publishes a magazine, the Inforz.

Jobs & Praktika

If you are looking for a job or internship for the time after graduation or simply want to have a part-time job, the department offers various opportunities for companies and students to get in touch with each other. On the one hand there are the bulletin boards in the Piloty and on the other hand the digital offers. These include both the mailing list of the student council and the job portal of the TU Darmstadt, stellenwerk.