There are various ways to improve student life at the department. First, you can get involved with us as a student council (the easiest way is via the meetings), we welcome everyone. If you think we're doing something wrong, feel free to come along or bring other like-minded fellow students with you. This is what a diverse student council thrives on. Second, you can also be elected to university committees or help out at festivals without being directly involved in our student council.

Come by!

When? Wednesday, 6 pm (during the lecture period)
Where? S202 | B002 (Piloty) or BigBlueButton
Next meetings: 07/3008/1408/28


The student council meets weekly during the lecture period (less frequently in other periods) to discuss current topics of the department. Of course you are welcome to drop by if you want to participate or if you are interested in what the student council is doing. Attending the meetings is not obligatory for anyone, i.e. you can get involved in the student council even if you cannot or do not want to attend the meetings.

Topics & structure

Topics are usually introduced in the form of agenda items called "Tagesordnungspunkte" (TOPs). There are standard TOPs (guests, (e-)mail, messages, important dates, retrospection and administrative bodies, etc.) and others that are introduced by members or guests. The list of TOPs can be viewed here. These can be related to problems with courses, requests for changes or new ideas. In order to have a practical order in terms of content and time, the meetings usually run in a fixed order. The meetings usually last 1-2 hours, but they can also be longer if there are some TOPs on the list. Of course, everyone is free not to stay until the end if, for example, their own schedule or the next train connection require an earlier departure.


If you want to know what was discussed in the last student council meetings or just want to have a little insight into our work, you can simply have a look at the minutes. We upload them shortly after the meeting in our wiki.


Participate without "joining"

If you don't want to officially become part of the active student council, but still want to do something for students, this area is probably just right for you. You can either help out at student council events or get involved independently.


Although there are a few members in the student council, we can't do everything on our own. That's why we're looking for more students to help out at some events, such as the summer party or the Ophase. You don't have to take on the organizational work, which means you only have a small workload. Usually you will also be provided with free snacks if you help out.

Administrative bodies

To be elected to a committee, you do not have to be part of the active student council. So if you would still like to be involved in the University Assembly, for example, you can still stand for election so that you can stand up for students. We have listed your options on the page for university politics.

University Experience

We offer the University Experience (UE) for prospective students or interested parties. We can always use helpers to supervise prospective students during the day. You don't have to be a Master's student to do this, it's enough if you've completed one or two semesters. If you are interested, feel free to contact us via