Here you can find information about the preliminary courses of the B.Sc. Computer Science. For the pre-course in mathematics there is more information on the page of the department of mathematics (in German). We recommend all students to take this course.

Every winter semester, the computer science department organizes a programming pre-course for freshmen so that they do not start their studies without any previous knowledge in the field of programming. Attendance is not obligatory, but purely voluntary. You can find all information on this page.

We recommend that all participants get an Athena card as early as possible to avoid increased canteen prices. More information can be found here.

Programming pre-course

The programming pre-course is intended for all students who have had little or no experience with programming and would like to acquire such experience before the start of lectures. All students who have a computer science component in their degree program or who are simply interested in programming are invited. The pre-course takes place two weeks before the start of lectures. For all those who are familiar with terms like recursion, iteration or classes, a refresher based on the pre-course slides may be helpful.

Organizational matters

The programming pre-course in the winter semester 24/25 will take place from 30.09. to 4.10.. This means that the preliminary course will take place directly before the Ophase. You can find detailed information about the course in the following section "Course schedule". The lectures of the pre-course will be streamed live and recorded in addition to the presence event. We will publish the corresponding link here on the website on the respective day of the pre-course. Questions can always be asked to tutors, if necessary also via our Discord. The materials for this pre-course can be found in the computer science Moodle. The access data will be communicated on the first date and in the Discord. The development of the materials will take place on Github. It is not necessary to register for the preliminary course. For new information please go to this page two weeks before the course starts.

Course schedule

There will be a lecture each day in the morning, which is designed to teach the material for that day. In the afternoon there is time to work on the exercises. So there should not be too much planned alongside during this week. The computer pools of the university can be used for the work on the exercises but these have only a limited capacity. Therefore, we recommend bringing your own laptop. In addition to the recorded lectures, there are explanatory videos on Youtube. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend attending the lectures at the university.

If you have any questions about the preliminary course, feel free to send an email to