GnoM - The Game Night


GnoM is the open games evening organised by the Computer Science student council. We have been organising it since 1996 with board and card games of all kinds for interested computer scientists and non-computer scientists. Games are played with anything that doesn't require electricity. Games no Machines, after all.

Dates are currently sent out via the open GnoM mailing list and Was-Geht mailing list. We then meet on the date in the Piloty and usually play open-ended. Anyone interested can subscribe to the open GnoM mailing list. If you want to ask the organisers anything, don't hesitate to contact us via the GnoM-Orga email address!

We often organise food orders during the game, but you are also welcome to bring sweets and snacks.

New players ( also with their own games) are always welcome. Swing by!