Data Science Internship (Remote)

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Data Science Internship (Remote)

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Tellow has an internal tool to process receipts. Together with a third party, an OCR and ML pipeline extracts information from the receipts and buckets it into the right bookkeeping categories and VAT groups. A human-eyes step enriches the data if we’re not 100% sure.

We also process bank transaction descriptions in this tool, which can be automated with relative ease since we’re dealing with structured data.

By all means necessary (e.g. NLP, neural nets), we’d like you to set up a self-learning machine learning algorithm which we can use to extract information out of bank transaction descriptions.

In this role, you'll learn new skills, develop your understanding of data and backend development and work with a broad set of technologies like: Python, MySQL, GCP or whatever is needed. We are very pragmatic about the tools we use; if it works - we'll use it.

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