HiWi position - Web/Android Developer

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HiWi position - Web/Android Developer

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HiWi position @Telecooperation Lab - Computer Science Department - TU Darmstadt

We offer an HiWi position for a Web/Android Developer. The tasks include working on the Hybrid Online Social Networks (HOSN) app [1].
HOSN is an open source app that allows you to use Twitter with additional means of privacy control. Besides using Twitter normally, HOSN provides you with the ability to tweet privately and like tweets anonymously. Your private tweets are encrypted and securely stored in a private network, which only your fellows can access away from the commercial service providers.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ionic, Cordova, IPFS [2], GUN [3], INFURA [4]...

Please send your CV and a few lines explaining your experience in the related technologies.
Please make your email's subject: [HiWi applicant]

[1] https://git.tk.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/SPIN/HOSN-app
[2] https://ipfs.io/
[3] https://gun.eco/
[4] https://infura.io/

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