Assignment 3 task 3 and 4

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Assignment 3 task 3 and 4

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can anyone specifically explain what "written nicely" means in both Task 3 and Task 4 of Assignment 03

does it mean concise? easy to understand? easy to reuse? or something else?

and does it mean the same for functions written in Scala and MFAE?

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Re: Assignment 3 task 3 and 4

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Higher-order functions abstract over computations. Usually, higher-order functions can not be written easily without having some other abstraction of computations.
However, you can think of higher-order functions that are so trivial that they can be written as firstorder-functions, for example one that takes a function as argument but does not use it in its body. These trivial functions can be "written nicely" as higher-order functions.

It means the same for Scala and MFAE.


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