Makerthon by Merck & Telekom from Nov. 15th to Dec. 08th - 1st prize 10.000€

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Makerthon by Merck & Telekom from Nov. 15th to Dec. 08th - 1st prize 10.000€

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For the first time, Merck and Deutsche Telekom are organizing a joint Makerthon. Participants can sign up for 3 weeks of creative prototyping in the Innovation Center Makerspace. Are you up for the challenge :?:

This “makers marathon” is a great opportunity to explore the possibilities of sensors and IoT hardware devices on the intersection of healthcare and new technologies in a hands-on way. Using all the available tools and materials the Makerspace in the Innovation Center offers, creative talents can develop hardware solutions to different challenges and push the existing boundaries! We invite you to create prototypes with integrated sensor technologies, as well as to participate in mentoring sessions on rapid prototyping, bio-sensing, and much more :!:

What are the challenges?
In order to make a lasting impact by improving future patient´s lives or the industry in general, you can build prototypes on one of these challenges:
  • 1. Bio-sensors: Create the next generation of medical devices
  • 2. Physical sensors: Make use of printable photodetectors
  • 3. IoT in hospitals: Enable doctors to react efficiently in emergency settings
  • 4. Smart factory: Create an automated production environment
The Kick-off is on November 15th in Bonn and you present your solution on December 8th in Darmstadt to win 10.000€!

You can find more information and register until November 11th here, places are limited:

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