Open thesis topics suitable for DSS

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Prof. Karsten Weihe
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Open thesis topics suitable for DSS

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DSS students who are looking for a thesis topic are invited to submit a proposal simultaneously to myself ( and to your course coordinator, Dr. Michael Eichberg ( Your proposal will be reviewed by Dr. Eichberg and myself, and I will supervise you.

Conditions apply: your thesis topic is a visual simulation package for an advanced topic of DSS, for example, self-organization of distributed systems or parallel execution; it is written in standard Java, no third-party libraries. The selection of the advanced DSS topic is your proposal. The proposals of individual applicants need not be disjoint, so your freedom of choice is not restricted by other applicants' proposals.

The assessment will be based on the following criteria: compliance with the general standards of software engineering and of GUI development, acceptable run time and space consumption, coverage of aspects of the simulated topic, quality of presentation in the thesis. A USP is required for a "very good."

The exact start date is negotiable.

Karsten Weihe

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