Programming exercise 2

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Programming exercise 2

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I think the DefaultDomainWIthCFGAndDefUse will be needed to solve the second exercise.
However, I have no idea where I can find the def use information in the analysis result.

To make it clear, I have the following code:

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for {
      classFile ← project.allClassFiles.par
      method ← classFile.methods 
      if method.body.isDefined
      analysisResult = 
        BaseAI(classFile, method, new DefaultDomainWithCFGAndDefUse(project, classFile, method))
      pc <- method.body.get.programCounters
    } yield {
      //Does this PC define something?
      //If yes, where is it used?
      (classFile, method, pc)
So, what can I do to extract the information weather a program counter defines something, and if yes, where it is used?

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