Assignment 3 - questions

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Assignment 3 - questions

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we are currently working on milestone one. Our first question: in the directory 'mundocore-0.9.2\samples\handlers\praktikum\' there are two xml-files, a 'sender.conf.xml' and a 'receiver.conf.xml'. In the directories 'ex1' to 'ex5' there are no such xml files for sender or receiver. There is however a 'node.conf.xml'. Why this difference? Do we need a node.conf.xml too? Or do 'sender.conf.xml' and 'receiver.conf.xml' replace 'node.conf.xml'?

Our second question: We know we have to expect package-loss. However, do we also have to bear in mind that packages could be changed (e.g. by a bit-flip) ?

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Re: Assignment 3 - questions

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MundoCore reads its configuration from node.conf.xml by default.
You can call, e.g., Mundo.setConfigFile("receiver.conf"); (The extension .xml will be appended automatically!) to use an alternate configuration file.

The last example uses two separate configuration files to define different protocol stacks for sender and receiver. This is also necessary, because otherwise the TraceHandlers of sender and receiver would both write to the same output files. (If started in the same directory.)



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