Diplom: II or III? (Hopefully) The Final Answer

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Diplom: II or III? (Hopefully) The Final Answer

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Here's what I hope to be the last iteration in the question: Is P2P in Area II or Area III? First the answer, then the reasons why it took so long to iterate.

Answer: It's in Area II (two, 2, Zwei ;-)

Exception: It can be in Area III _IF_ you have less than 14 SWS in "Communication", which means KN I-III, TK 0-3, and P2P, in total. As Hauptprüfer, I take only Area II, because only P2P from my lectures can count in Area III and it's only 4 SWS.

Why did the mess happen?

Last semester my new lecture, which had been announced as II and III, was put into III (three), since lectures could no longer be in several areas. Hence, it seemed logical that all my other lectures are in III as well. Turns out that the other lecture is now in Area II, but I don't recall being informed of this change. So, I was just as surprised...

Sorry for the confusion.


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