Reading a good book

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Reading a good book

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Dear students,

I have the impression that some of you (I know it's not all of you) misinterpret how to study for this lecture. As I frequently mentioned in the lecture and as is written on the lecture's web site ( ... _14.en.jsp):
The prime resource for this course is the text book “Types and Programming Languages” by Benjamin Pierce. I highly recommend obtaining a copy.
Of course obtaining a copy is not enough. You also need to look into it. In particular:
* In the book, you can find complete definitions of all languages we discussed in the lecture.
* There is a table of contents and an index in the book. You can use them to look up things.
* The book suggests plenty of additional exercises that you can work on in order to better understand the content.

I am sorry if I seem a bit harsh, but I thought it better to be blunt now, before you start studying for the exam.


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