MAIS Courses in Summer Term 2013

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MAIS Courses in Summer Term 2013

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Dear students!

In summer term 2013 the MAIS chair (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel) offers a number of exciting seminars and labs:

* Lab course "Software Security for Mobile Devices" will teach you an innovative technology for detecting Android apps that steal user's private data.

* Seminar "Software Security for Mobile Devices" will address practical and theoretical aspects of security on modern smartphones.

* Lab course "Dynamic Enforcement of Software Security" will teach you how to enable security in distributed systems, like e.g., social networks.

* Seminar "Current Topics in Secure Usage" will address modern access and usage control mechanisms.

* Seminar "Security Policy Languages for Software Verification" will address how policy languages are designed and used to express software security requirements.

All lab courses are 6CP and consist of 5-7 exercises sheets, i.e., do not have a single monolithic task. All seminars are 3CP and are organized as block seminars on 1 or 2 days.

Detailed description of all courses is available at http://www.mais.informatik.tu-darmstadt ... ching.html.

I wish you an exciting term and a great success in your studies!

Kind regards,
Dr.-Ing. Artem Starostin
-- Dr. Artem Starostin

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