Exam Room and auxiliary means

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Exam Room and auxiliary means

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Where will the exam take place? There are listed three rooms in TuCan in three different buildings.

Which auxiliary means are allowed/needed (if any).

Maybe those questions were already answered in the last lecture but I couldn't attend it unfortunately because of a collision with another meeting.

Thank you!

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Re: Exam Room and auxiliary means

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As the exam is already on Friday, I also would appreciate to know which room is the correct one.

TUCaN says S1|01/A5, S1|14/266 and S1|05/122, so just guessing the room might lead to some physical exercise just before the exam, if one appears at a wrong or already completely filled room. To add a bit more of confusion, on the course website, S2|02 C205 (the lecture hall) is announced to be the exam room.

Could someone please clarify which room(s) are correct?

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Re: Exam Room and auxiliary means

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The rooms for the exams are now announced on the course website.

The room where the exam will take place is assigned by your surname.

Surname starting with
AB – FA: room S101/A5
FE – PR: room S105/122
PU – ZI: room S202/C205

The exam will take place on July 14 at 9:50.


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