Extra talk on Complex Event Processing on Monday

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Extra talk on Complex Event Processing on Monday

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Dear All,

Alessandro Margara is giving a scientific talk on Monday.
The talk focuses on recent research results in CEP and is not part of the lectures.
Yet, if you are interested in the topic, you are welcome to attend. Details follow.
The regular lecture, will take place as always on Tuesday morning.


Room S202/C120, Monday, May 9th.
The talk will be at 15:30.
Title: ``Managing streams of data: lessons learned and open challenges''


Many modern software applications involve processing, analyzing, and reacting
to potentially large volumes of streaming data. Examples of such applications
include monitoring systems, decision support systems, financial analysis tools
and traffic control systems.

Designing and implementing these applications is difficult. Indeed, the
streaming nature of the data demands for efficient algorithms, techniques and
infrastructures to analyze the incoming information on the fly and extract
relevant knowledge from it.

My research activity focuses on designing programming abstractions and tools
to help the developers in dealing with streaming data. During this talk, I
will present my experience in this area. I will first focus on the design of a
language explicitly conceived to identify situations of interest from large
streams of low level data. Next, I will discuss the implementation of
efficient processing algorithms for streaming data that can exploit modern
many-core architectures, such as multi-core CPUs and programmable GPUs, to
reduce the processing latency and increase the overall throughput of the
system. Finally, I will present the open issues and challenges in the field of
stream processing and draw a roadmap for future research in the area.

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