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Recommended Compiler Book for this Course

Verfasst: 18. Apr 2016 20:57
von salpha.2004

What compiler book do you recommend for this course? I was going for the dragon book but I found ... ook-please, which favours more practical books to the dragon book (too theoretical).

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

Re: Recommended Compiler Book for this Course

Verfasst: 22. Apr 2016 10:56
von eichberg
The following books are recommended (in order or relevance):

- Modern Compiler Implementation in Java; Andrew W. Appel; Cambridge (make sure that you get a 2nd Edition; the first one contains a bug in of the algorithms)
- Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools, 2nd Edition; Alfred V. Aho, Columbia University; Monica S. Lam, Stanford University; Ravi Sethi, Avaya Labs; Jeffrey D. Ullman, Stanford University; 2007, Pearson
- Programming Language Pragmatics, Michael L. Scott; Morgan Kaufmann