Timeline for project report submission and presentation

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Timeline for project report submission and presentation

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The date for final presentation has been fixed. It will be held on Friday Another announcement will be made regarding the room.

Deadline for the first paper submission is on Monday, 25.01.2016, 23:59 GMT+1.
Use the link below to submit your paper.
You may need to sign up for an account before you can upload.

The final paper submission, where you have the opportunity to improve your term paper based on the review comments is on Monday, 22.02.2016, 23:59 GMT+1

Your term paper should be at least 4 pages long and maximally 6 pages, with one extra page allowed for references. Please use the ACL style format for Latex, available at http://acl2015.org/files/

If you have any issues with paper submission, then send me an email at [jangedoo at gmail dot com]
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