Non-preemptive SJF

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Non-preemptive SJF

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In the lecture slide 11, of Scheduling. Using SJF p1 gets scheduled first whereas it's burst time is not shorter. I have seen the algorithm working elsewhere on the internet and if all the processes arrived at 0, it will pick the shortest one or the shortest job first. So I really dont know what's going on in the slide 11 of lecture 6. Can anybody please explain. Also given the scenario that all processes arrive at 0 , should SJF pick P1 first or the one with the shortest CPU burst (if it's not P1). Thanks

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Re: Non-preemptive SJF

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The arrival times are not all 0. P2 arrives at 0+2 P3 at 0+4 and P4 at 0+5.

But I agree that their notation of 0.0+ 2.0 is a bit strange.


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