FIFO parallel access (lab 2)

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FIFO parallel access (lab 2)

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we have a question about the 2nd lab task. It states that only one process at a time should be allowed to access the fifo. Hence no parallel writes and/or reads are possible.
It also says:
The described simple FIFO model is non-blocking and does not rely on synchronization mechanisms such as semaphores.
Our group is a bit confused by the second part. Does it mean that the fifo does not rely on synchronization in user space when accessed by a user process? Because somehow the mutual exclusion needs to be implemented in the fifo (i.e. with semaphores).

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Re: FIFO parallel access (lab 2)

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For the purpose of lab 2, it is sufficient to use a simple flagging approach, e.g., using a boolean variable, as we do not require a race free solution.


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