Sample Questions & Participation/news

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Sample Questions & Participation/news

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Dear Professor Lofti,

Since this subject has been included for the first time in DSS course, hence we do not have any idea about the kind of questions we will be getting in the exams. It will be great if you can guide us in the right direction on how to prepare for the exams or give us some sample questions so we know how the questions will be framed? Also is there any sort of cheat sheet allowed in the exam?

Secondly, Me and my team have opted for 6 CPs but we have not done the "Participation/news" bit which is 5-10%. Is there anything which can be done to NOT to loose these valuable points?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Sample Questions & Participation/news

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a score for the news at this time.

The exam is constituted of 3 questions related to concepts explained in the class, a composed-questions related to the lab (what you should have learned from the lab exercise.), and 2 exercises. The exercises are designed such that you apply the techniques you learned on a given case. They are similar to: you are given a diagram of system and are requested to identify a set of threats and estimate their risk exposures.


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Re: Sample Questions & Participation/news

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Dear doctor,
You did not provide us the solution of the labs questions and the correction notes -provided in moodle as comments- are not sufficient for us to know the correct answers. So I believe that we will face serious problem to answer lab questions in exam.


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