Regarding Research Activity

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Regarding Research Activity

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For the research activity, do we need to select any course topic from the slides and address the corresponding open questions given at the end of some slides?
Do we need to select a open source project for this activity or write a report on our selected topic?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Regarding Research Activity

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Just to add to the above question, can you (our professor) please elaborate what particularly we have to research about if we are selecting any open source project?

I mean, do we first need to find the security vulnerabilities in the project and then research about that and then find the recent status of that vulnerability.
By recent status I mean, whether that vulnerability has been addressed or not? Is it still affecting large number of users?

Any help would be highly appreciated and it will be easy for us to select our research activity project.

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Re: Regarding Research Activity

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I answered this question in class.

The project is about assesing the security of an open source.

The research activity is about investigating a question related to one of the topics studied in the class. You need ti prove that you can extend your knowldge yourself. To give you an idea, you may want to evaluate static code analysis tools, study the threats of cloud-based software, develop a check to identify a specific vulnerability type in source code, etc.

I hope this helps.


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