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Lab2 - Link is broken

Verfasst: 11. Nov 2015 13:41
von anasanjaria
Dear Sir,

Under file named Lab2_SHS.pdf section

1.3 ( b) Download the complementary files to the lab ( ... Bm5TQaASeS). The file variables.c, contains the vulnerability exploited by the Shellshock attack. Identify the vulnerable line in the initialize_shell_variables() function (between lines 307 and 369). Explain how your attack makes use of this vulnerability. (8 points) ... Bm5TQaASeS is broken .. file not found.


Re: Lab2 - Link is broken

Verfasst: 11. Nov 2015 14:57
von lisa.nguyen

We have made an update in the lab.
The link is updated and exercise 2 is canceled, as per the announcement in Tucan.
Please use the new version of the lab subject.
The changes are minor and do not affect exercise 1.