Identification of the local "this"

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Identification of the local "this"

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Taking calling a constructor like public Foo (int a, int b) {this.a = a, this.b = b} into account, what could we do if we want to let our analysis know that "this" is really corresponding to what object with the certain class type? (InstanceFieldRef)(((AssignStmt) unit).getLeftOp()).getBase() does not help, does it? Because it shows that this = null after I have done that.

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Re: Identification of the local "this"

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What we are doing is first to check if the callee is static. Because in a static method we dont even have 'this'

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if (ie instanceof InstanceInvokeExpr) {
			Value instance = ((InstanceInvokeExpr) ie).getBase();
			FlowAbstraction thisLocalFA = new FlowAbstraction(calledMethod
Where instance is pythagoras for something like pythagoras.getSquaredSide and getThisLocal refers to "this" inside the method. After that we map everything to this, for example pyth.a, pyth.b, pyth.c have to get assigned to this.a, this.b, this.c where this. is the thisLocal from the calledMethod.

To get this for invoke

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if (!(calledMethod.isStatic())) {

			InvokeExpr iv = ((Stmt) unit).getInvokeExpr();
			if (iv instanceof SpecialInvokeExpr) {
				SpecialInvokeExpr sexpr = (SpecialInvokeExpr) ((Stmt) unit)
				Local thisLocal = (Local) sexpr.getBase();

if (entry.getKey().getLocal() == calledMethod
							.getActiveBody().getThisLocal()) {

Same for the exit


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