Phase Option Configuration

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Phase Option Configuration

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Hello everyone,

running the whole program for the first exercise, we encountered a problem that main method cannot be found. We have already set the buildpath for corresponding jar-file (like rt.jar), and also tried the solution posted by Prof. Bodden here: ... ry-points/

Did we miss something? Or too much consideration?

To make the question clearer, in the last exercise, it was so configured:

Main.main(new String[] {
"-process-dir", "./targetsBin",
"-src-prec", "class",
"-output-format", "none"

We have tried to replace some parameters of them according to our circumstances this time, but it did not work.

What is your opinion about our problem? Would you like to provide us some hints?

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Re: Phase Option Configuration

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You can explicitly set the main class using the -main-class command-line parameter if nothing else helps as described in the Soot Command Line Options Documentation.


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