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Trouble converting APK to Jimple

Verfasst: 23. Okt 2014 14:28
von cooshal
I do not have access to the SVN repository yet.

In the meantime, I am just trying to use my custom app and transform it to Jimple.

I executed the following command in my shell:

java -jar soot-2.5.0.jar -allow-phantom-refs -process-dir testapp.apk -force-android-jar android.jar -src-prec apk -output-format jimple

my soot.jar is soot-2.5.0.jar

but executing this command gives me the following exception:

Invalid option -force-android-jar
Exception in thread "main" soot.CompilationDeathException: Option parse error
at soot.Main.processCmdLine(
at soot.Main.main(

anybody, any clues ?