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BSc: Graphics Programming, WebGL (Fraunhofer IGD)

Verfasst: 12. Jul 2013 11:18
von mlimper
Working Title:
Enhancing 3D Web Applications through Interactive 3D Thumbnails

Preview images for 3D Web catalogues, like Google's 3D Warehouse, are usually realized by using two-dimensional thumbnails. Instead of just a single static image, a 2D image series is often used to enable a 360-degree inspection. While this method offers small thumbnail sizes, and hence fast previews, it still has some limitations compared to true interactive 3D viewers.
Within this thesis, a robust and efficient method for the realization of Web-based 3D thumbnails in Web catalogues is evaluated. Several mesh simplification algorithms are compared for their usability in the context of 3D thumbnail generation, taking model data with textures, vertex colors and normal information into account. Finally, a user study evaluates the 3D method against 2D image series of equal size in terms of quality and user experience.

Applicants should have outstanding academic records and basic knowledge in graphics programming, for example with OpenGL, DirectX, OpenGL ES or WebGL.
Previous experience with Web technologies is not required. The main focus of the thesis will probably be smart (full automatic) mesh simplification methods, and basic mesh encoding techniques. Therefore, experience in mesh processing is a plus (although not required).

Results of the thesis may be integrated in a commercial mesh optimizer, which is developed by the Visual Computing System Technologies Group at the Fraunhofer IGD. Results may also be published as a paper, for example on next year's ACM Web3D conference in Vancouver.

Additional demonstrations are available on request.


Re: BSc: Graphics Programming, WebGL (Fraunhofer IGD)

Verfasst: 31. Jan 2014 11:36
von mlimper
... trotz über 200 Zugriffen hat sich bisher niemand gemeldet, daher an dieser Stelle nochmal die Ermutigung an alle, die sich evtl. nicht getraut haben zu fragen:
Ihr müsst _nicht_ zwingend auf Englisch schreiben usw., und wenn euch das Thema interessiert könnt ihr auch ganz unverbindlich anfragen und mehr Infos erhalten :-)