2 Internships ECU-Hacking in Yokohama, Japan

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2 Internships ECU-Hacking in Yokohama, Japan

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ESCRYPT - Embedded Security (ETAS K.K.; ETAS Group was founded as a subsidiary of Robert Bosch) is the leading system provider for embedded security world-wide. ESCRYPT has extensive expertise in embedded security and is familiar with the major industries. It offers an ECU hacking internship at Yokohama, Japan.

The project involves analyzing a FlexECU with a Tricore microcontroller to understand any security weaknesses and creating attacks to exploit those weaknesses. The result of the project should be: Working example of an exploitable application running on an ECU

Planned start date: June 2014
Duration: 6 months
Positions: 2 positions
Company and location: ETAS K.K., Yokohama, JAPAN

Details and contact at http://kopra.org/?site_id=9&action=detail&id=3724

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