HiWi: Hardware-Based Security Mechanisms

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HiWi: Hardware-Based Security Mechanisms

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Hardware-based security mechanisms are becoming increasingly important now as software-only defenses are failing against security attacks. Hardware-based mechanisms can provide better security at a reduced performance penalty against a wider range of adversaries. At our System Security Lab https://www.trust.cased.de/home/, we are exploring multiple directions that involve hardware-based security mechanisms and intelligent systems. One such project involves architecting new attestation protocols to verify the integrity of code both statically and dynamically at runtime. We aim to extend an open-source processor with different security mechanisms and evaluate their performance, security guarantee and efficiency.

The tasks required involve implementing basic hardware modules and controllers (digital design) to enable hardware-assisted security mechanisms and processor extensions. An open-source processor would then be extended with this logic, and synthesized, and its performance evaluated. Prototyping on FPGA would also be expected at a later stage.

• Available immediately
• Duration: 3-months, extendable

• Familiar with digital and processor design, embedded and integrated systems architecture
• Verilog and/or VHDL knowledge and basic digital design and integration
• Hands-on FPGA experience
• Familiar with Xilinx Vivado Synthesis tools and RTL simulation

If you want to become part of this interesting and fast-paced research, please send your application (CV, certificate(s) and any supporting documents) via email to:

Ghada Dessouky

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