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Exercise schedule

Verfasst: 30. Okt 2012 12:52
von LucasR
Hello everybody,

unfortunately I could not be present in the first lecture, however last Wednesday on the first exercise it was announced that normally, exercise would take place every two weeks, and to watch the website for details.

I cannot find any specific details on the website at the moment: is there an exercise session today, or not?


Re: Exercise schedule

Verfasst: 30. Okt 2012 13:38
von LucasR
If anybody wonders: I just called one of the assistants, today is NO exercise.

Re: Exercise schedule

Verfasst: 1. Nov 2012 09:53
von TobiasF
I posted specifics on the website, sorry for the delay

Re: Exercise schedule

Verfasst: 5. Nov 2012 13:36
von omarelsabbagh

Should we bring the exercise solution in tomorrow's lecture or in Wednesday's exercise session?


Re: Exercise schedule

Verfasst: 9. Nov 2012 11:30
von TobiasF
You should bring your answers at the beginning of the exercise session, no matter when that actually is.
So if the assignment sheet reads Jul 20, but we shift the exercise session to Jul 21 for some reason, then you just bring your answers to the session on Jul 21.