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Module 2 pg22,25

Verfasst: 4. Dez 2017 16:23
von 0b101101101
I think there is no need to define the set of vertices over the blocks function like this:

V = { π | ∃B. [ B ] π∊blocks(S) }

as we have already defined the set of labels of a program via the function labels. So I think set of vertices could be equivalently and more simple defined as:

V = labels(S)

. Maybe you want to change that for the next semester? Or am I wrong? :)

EDIT: Similarily on page 25 we again write { π | ∃B. [ B ] π∊blocks(S) } although we could simply use label(S). Right?

Re: Module 2 pg22,25

Verfasst: 18. Jan 2018 10:42
von ximl

You're right that because of the definition of the function labels ,
the definition of the vertex set V of a control flow graph, and the
definition of the set Lab_S, can be simplified. Thanks for pointing
this out and sorry for the late response.

Best regards,