Assignment 7: Explicit labels for call statements

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Assignment 7: Explicit labels for call statements

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the assignment does not seem to specify how the "explicit" labeling syntax for statements with two labels shall look like. In our case the only such statement is call. Should specifying a label explicitly à la "[..]@pi" for other statements still be supported for call-statements, and, if so, how should the syntax look like?


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Re: Assignment 7: Explicit labels for call statements

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The syntax of the "old" labeled statements such as assignments to variables remains unchanged. For "call" statements, I do not insist on a particular syntax (and I will not carry out tests that require the parser to parse "call" statements with explicit labels), so you are free to choose a sensible syntax. My suggestion would be:

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For the automatic generation of the labels, the upper label (for the call of the procedure) should be generated before the lower label (for the return from the procedure).

Please make sure that it becomes clear from the output of your tool which labels have been generated for "call" statements (and for all other statements as well, of course) so that I can check whether the corresponding CFG makes sense.


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