ANTLR instead of JavaCC

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ANTLR instead of JavaCC

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In the last meeting someone asked if we could use ANTLR instead of JavaCC for parser generation. After taking a brief look at JavaCC (and noticing wonderful things like the "Documentation" link on its website being dead*) I was wondering what the answer to that question was.

So, my question is whether it is okay to use ANTLR instead?

* Also, the blinking "New!!!" :)

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Re: ANTLR instead of JavaCC

Beitrag von aderhold »

The question on ANTLR in the last meeting did not have a particular reason and was just out of interest. Since I have not received any compelling reasons (or any requests at all) for different parser generators so far, JavaCC is up to now the only "accepted" parser generator.

Regarding the dead link to the documentation: The documentation of JavaCC is shipped along with the parser generator itself. You can find the documentation as well as examples in the archive javacc-5.0.tar.gz.


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