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About the lecture on Friday 20th

Verfasst: 16. Jun 2014 15:10
von aeflores
The exercises lecture on Friday, June 20th will take place as usual. Anyone willing to attend can do so.

However, given the multiple requests of changing the lecture, I set up an extra time slot on Wednesday, June 18th to discuss the same exercises sheet (Exercises 4). You can vote for the time slot at until tomorrow (Tuesday 19th) at 3pm. At that time I will publish the final time for the extra lecture.
To sum up, you can attend to the lecture on Friday June 20th, to the one on Wednesday, June 18th or to both if one time is not enough.

Antonio Flores

Re: About the lecture on Friday 20th

Verfasst: 17. Jun 2014 15:50
von aeflores
Given that there was no participation in the doodle, the lecture will take place on Friday.
I will post the solutions after the lecture as usual. For the ones that cannot attend, I remind you that you can post any questions you may have in the forum or via e-mail.