Projektpraktikum: Notes for the 2nd Meeting

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Projektpraktikum: Notes for the 2nd Meeting

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NOTE: If you are registered, you should have received this message through TUCAN.

We are excited that all of you have decided to take our Projektpraktikum!

First, please let us know as soon as you can with which other students you are
doing the Projektpraktikum as a team (send an email to
Five of you already did!

Secondly, can you please now go to

and download: (i) Slides, (ii) SL Installation Guide, (iii) MeinBEISPIEL_task.c.
The slides are password-secured! You will also need to download (iv) SL using ...

and (v) download the SL Guide ... torial.pdf

Finally, your first exercise is to install SL on your computer. Note, it requires either Linux, Mac OS X
or another Unix operating system. If you do not have a sufficiently good computer, then
PLEASE let us know. We will find a solution. If you have installation problems,
please come to us as soon as you can. We are there for you from Monday to Tuesday the
whole time (and in the remainder of the week whenever we are not teaching).
The second exercise is to install MeinBEISPIEL_task.c in your simulator and create a
simple movement of your own!

If there are *ANY* problems, concerns, ideas, suggestions, feedback etc, we would
be please to hear them!

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