Ambiguous slides: Meta/Meta-circular Intepreter

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Ambiguous slides: Meta/Meta-circular Intepreter

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In V01 meta and meta-circular interpreters share the feature of using the interpreted language for the host language, whereas in V05 the meta interpreter can be in scala. Maybe one of the slides should be corrected?
V01 18/56 hat geschrieben:meta-interpreter or meta-circular interpreter: host language == interpreted language
V05_TypesOfInterpreters 15/23 hat geschrieben:• Meta interpreter – uses features of the interpreting language to directly implement behavior of the interpreted language.
• Meta-circular interpreter – a meta interpreter in which the interpreting and interpreted language are the same.

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Re: Ambiguous slides: Meta/Meta-circular Intepreter

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The summary slides in the beginning seem to oversimplify quite a lot here :-)
The V05 Slides are correct.


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