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WebLab Exercises

Verfasst: 8. Feb 2017 00:05
von wulf.p

is there any way to redo expired exercises in weblab?
I would like to redo some of them in terms of exam preparation and if I'm not missing something, I can't just do them on my computer because they sometimes depend on source code that is not available, is that right?
Also of course it is great that weblab provides an environment to solve exercises and testcases are provided, so it would be really cool if you could redo them there.

Best regards


Re: WebLab Exercises

Verfasst: 8. Feb 2017 15:51
von Ragnar
The exercises should actually be mostly self contained.
It may be that some have some definitions hidden, but if you find something you need we can probably provide that.
There are some incompatibilities in the scalatest ( ) versions used by weblab and the current version, so you may have to update the tests, run them manually, or find an old version of scalatest.

There is no easy way to redo the exercises in Weblab.