Assignment 4, Task 4

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Assignment 4, Task 4

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I'm a bit confused about what exactly we are supposed to do in this task.

Are we supposed to just use the first class functions of FAE? If so, I don't see what we should add to the solution file. We could just write two FAE expressions to the test file, that couldn't be evaluated without first class functions, and then test for the expected result.

Or are we supposed to add some kind of "preprocessing" functionality that converts an expression into another expression that uses first class functions (Like we did in the first task with "Let")?

Or should we just use Scala's first class functions to add some code related to the FAE topic?

It would be nice to get some clarification about the task here.

Oliver B.
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Re: Assignment 4, Task 4

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You should implement some examples in the interpreted language FAE just as you did in the host language Scala in task 3.
Also, you can add additional syntax to the language if you think it is beneficial to make your point (but you don't have to).


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