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Hi there again!
More questions I'm asking, I'm thinking more that my knowledge about COPL is bad as hell :P

This time it is about the types of call-by-<Value|Name|Need>.
I guess the topic of call-by-... comes up with the evaluation of expressions.

As Wiki says Call-by-Name has the effect that functions arguments will only be evaluated when the holding function is called (after substitution). As a side-effect: each time the function is called the expression will be evaluated each time.

Call-by-Value will always evaluate the functions argument even if the functions never called.

Call-by-Need aka. Lazy Evaluation (says Wiki)
The same like call-by-name, only that the result of the arguments evaluation are stored in an environment, so further computation of the same expression is no more needed.

Did I miss another type of call-by-... ?

As I see, there was already a similar question here

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