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Ex. 5, Task 4/5: comb235

Verfasst: 3. Jun 2009 17:30
von sproksch
(Separated from orginal thread for the sake of readabilty and not mixing all tasks in one thread)
Maradatscha hat geschrieben:My Implementation of combine2 works with Task5. Could anyone give me a hint what I'm doing wrong (right) here?

I used guards in task1 and task2, all Testcases work.

edit: me = stupid copy paste mistakes, its not working anymore, found the problem
I've got the same problem, the testcase of task 4 works for me... then I copied comb235 to a new function comb235B, replaced all calls to combine or comb235 with the new function names combine2/comb235B... and comb235B still works as intended?!

What was your c&p error? Perhaps I'm able to learn from your errors :)

Re: Ex. 5, Task 4/5: comb235

Verfasst: 3. Jun 2009 17:50
von sproksch
Just to make sure my solution ist correct... what are your results for take 50 comb235?

I get:
[1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,15,16,18,20,24,25,27,30,32,36, 40,45,48,50,54,60,64,72,75,80,81,90,96,100,108, 120,125,128,135,144,150,160,162,180, 192,200,216,225,240,243]

Re: Ex. 5, Task 4/5: comb235

Verfasst: 4. Jun 2009 12:22
von sewe
@sproksch: Yes, the result to take 50 comb235 is correct.