Participants wanted for a user study

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Participants wanted for a user study

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Dear all,

In order to detect security flaws in product code, organisations can use static code analysis tools. While the topic is heavily researched, most of its results are not used in practice. We are developing a solution to change this fact, and you are invited to be a part of it!

In one of our research projects, we have implemented a novel security analysis tool, as an Eclipse plugin, that aims at improving the use of static code analysis for Android developers. We are inviting you to participate in a user study to test the usability of our analysis tool. In this study, we will collect information on how Java developers interact with our analysis in the Eclipse IDE. The collected information will be anonymized and used later to improve the analysis. We may also use the results of the study for future research publications.

We are looking for Java developers of all levels, who have experience with Android development and the Eclipse IDE. Knowledge of Android privacy and static analysis tools is not required but is a plus.

The user study will take place in February, at Fraunhofer SIT (Darmstadt, Rheinstrasse 75), and last roughly for two hours. As a token of appreciation for participating in our study, each participant will receive a €10 gift card upon completion of the session.

If you would like to participate in the study, please fill the following survey: Like the user study, the data collected in the survey will be anonymised. We request your email address for the sole purpose of contacting you regarding the subsequent user study.

Best regards,

Nguyen Lisa (

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