Learning Data Classification: Training Data Needed

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Learning Data Classification: Training Data Needed

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  • Too much to learn? Want to do it more efficiently?
  • One easy trick is to reflect on your learning up to now and its results
  • You probably don’t want to keep a diary though
  • Because of this, we are developing an app that uses your smartphone sensors to recognize learning activities and then log them for you
  • But first we need your help!
  • We need sensor data to train our algorithms
  • What data do we collect?
    • Audio recordings: If you want, you can opt out of this, and have just the features transferred
    • Sensor readings
    • Only in the time period you decide
  • What do you get from it?
  • If we are successful you’ll be able to use our app to monitor your learning
  • Among all participants collecting recordings for at least six activities (min. 10 minutes each) until 19.12.2015 we lot five vouchers worth 30 € from a local book store (Habel)
    • You’ll need to input a contact email address so we can contact you for the prize; otherwise, no contact info needed[\list]
    • Recognition of your contribution to a research project
  • Prerequisites
  • A phone running at least Android 4.0.
  • Being involved in typical learning activities (e.g., attending a lecture) in the next 4 weeks
  • Usage instructions
  • Whenever you want to collect readings, just select your activity from the drop-down list and click “start recording”; to stop the recording, click “stop recording”
  • If you want to upload the readings you collected (you can do it as often as you like, not only once at the end), just select the “Upload” menu button
  • If you want to delete the last recording, just press the “Delete” button
  • Please collect readings of as many different activities as possible (ideally all :) )
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