4.23/4.25: Difference R_weird and LABELS

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4.23/4.25: Difference R_weird and LABELS

Beitrag von felicis » 10. Mai 2016 18:55


I didn't really get the difference between \(\mathscr{R}\) and the set \(LABELS\)? They are both parameters and thus arbitrarily chosen....


PS: I tried to reproduce the curly R, but the font which was used is Blackadder ITC, a commercial font (acquirable for ~$40), and therefore not usable by everyone who doesn't have Windows and of course not in this forum or any mathjax/latex-like setting..... :cry:

Markus Tasch
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Re: 4.23/4.25: Difference R_weird and LABELS

Beitrag von Markus Tasch » 11. Mai 2016 09:37

The usage of two parameters in the definition allows you to restrict the allowed labels \(l \in LABELS\) by excluding certain instances in your definition of the rules \(\mathcal{R}\).

While in most cases \(LABELS = \mathcal{R}\) holds, this gives additional freedom in the design of your system. For instance, you may define a rather generic set of of labels \(LABELS\) and, depending on the concrete scenario you are in, choose different sets of rules \(\mathcal{R}\). This allows you to reuse the generic variant of \(LABELS\) even though in certain scenarios you do not want all of these labels to possible.
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