remarks to some slides

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remarks to some slides

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I have some remarks to some slides:

Module 6:
Slide 39 says that the original BLP Model incorporated a hierarchy, which is omitted from the presentation. I think the parameters N and f_s in the definition of protection state on slide 23 and the Discretionary Security Property (slide 28) should perhaps also be omitted, since I cannot see what their purpose is in the context of the presentation.

Module 7:
Slide 9:
“if y is a subject vertex then an edge labeled with empty set is created from y to each other vertex”
I think the word "other" is wrong in the sentence.

Module 8:
Slide 52:
I think after transmit(c) there is a closing parenthesis too much.

Module 9:
Slide 53:
I think it is a little bit imprecise what “largest set of histories” means here,
Because the definition given before does not fit here (there all sequences begin with the initial state)
Im not sure with this point.

Module 10:
Slide 16f:
I think the examples do not fit to the definitions on these two slides.
Slide 29:
On the slide is written: "(like before)"
I think that is the first occurrence of this slide.


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