Seminar: Side-Channel Attacks on Software

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Seminar: Side-Channel Attacks on Software

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In the winter term 2020/2021, the MAIS group offers the seminar "Side-Channel Attacks on Software" (3CP, TUCaN Id: 20-00-0798-se).

In this seminar we will discuss research articles on different aspects of side-channel attacks on software as well as countermeasures against them. Exemplary topics include:
- side-channel attacks on cryptographic software,
- side-channel attacks on web applications,
- side-channel attacks on operating systems,
- side-channel attacks on mobile devices,
- side-channel attacks in the cloud.

Side channels are unintended indirect flows of information revealed by physical executions of a computer program. Examples of side channels include program's running time, cache behavior, power consumption, electromagnetic or acoustic emanation, etc. Such unintended flows of information can be correlated to secrets e.g., private cryptographic keys, and this makes side channels a severe security vulnerability. During a side-channel attack the hacker collects the information revealed through side channels, carefully analyzes this information, and recovers the secrets from it. Due to improvements in security protection mechanisms traditional security vulnerabilities like programming bugs are getting harder to exploit, and that is why side channels are becoming now more and more attractive to hackers.

Further information can be found on the course webpage (https://www.mais.informatik.tu-darmstad ... -ws20.html).

The joint online kick-off meeting for labs and seminars offered by MAIS will happen on Friday, 6.11.2020, at 14:25. We will provide more information how to join the online kick-off meeting via e-mail before the meeting. To receive information how to participate, please register for one of the courses via TUCaN or write a short e-mail to in case you want to register in TUCaN after the kick-off meeting.
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