Lab: Reliable Software Security for Mobile Devices

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Lab: Reliable Software Security for Mobile Devices

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In the winter term 2019/20, the MAIS group offers the lab "Reliable Software Security for Mobile Devices" (6 CP, TUCaN Id: id 20-00-0799-pr).

Apps running on Android smartphones have access to various kinds of private information of their users, e.g., contacts, appointments, and location. To protect such information, the Android operating system provides a mechanism for restricting access to it: the Android permission system. An app may only access a protected source of private information if it was granted the appropriate permission. However, the user has no control on how private information is propagated by an app after it has been accessed legitimately. In fact, it has been observed that many apps abuse information entrusted to them by leaking it, e.g., to the Internet.

In response to this problem, we are developing Cassandra at MAIS. Cassandra aims at increasing the transparency of how apps use private information and, thus, supporting users in protecting their privacy. The primary goal of Cassandra is that no private data or other secret information is leaked by running an app.

In this lab we will implement a simplified variant of Cassandra's technology.

Further information can be found on the course webpage (http://www.mais.informatik.tu-darmstadt ... -ws19.html).

The joint introductory meeting for all labs and seminars at MAIS will take place on Thursday, 17.10.2019, 16:00 in room S2|02 A213.
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