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Invitation to the "Forschungskurs" (Research course)

Verfasst: 20. Sep 2010 19:02
von poetter
The goal of this course is to involve students into active research on a selected topic from the area of applied cryptography. Participants must be famliar with basic cryptographic schemes, number-theoretic problems, and concepts of provable security (security models, cryptographic reductions). Participants will learn how to do modern research in a team and will be trained in scientific writing, which goes beyond the standard seminar work. The research topic will be selected in advance and related work will be distributed amongst the participants, who are expected to study this work as part of their preparation for the course. The course itself will consist of mostly weekly meetings (~2 h) aiming at discussion of contributed ideas and at achieving research progress. Participants will be required to develop discussed ideas and perform writing tasks (either individually or in a (sub)group) between the meetings. Therefore, participants must bring enough time and motivation for the course to volunteer for these tasks.

The number of participants is limited to 6. In order to participate in the course please send an email to Bertram Poettering (poettering(-at-) indicating your previous knowledge in the area of cryptography, possibly mentioning your participation in previous research projects or lectures like "Introduction to Cryptography" and/or "Cryptographic Protocols" by Sep 27th.

Also note the course's website at http://www.crypo.informatik.tu-darmstad ... tographie/