Ex. 08, Homework

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Ex. 08, Homework

Beitrag von Patr0rc » 17. Dez 2009 16:01

Hi everybody.
There is another thing that was not considered in the task before, but it was told to me by Markus Rückert:
The equation in task a) was wrong. Now it is corrected.
A new sheet is online.
The cession date is extended until January 15th in 2010 since there were many mistakes in the exercise sheet. I'm very sorry for this.
Best regards.
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Re: Ex. 08, Homework

Beitrag von rueckert » 17. Dez 2009 18:20

Actually, the point is that you have to show that the equation holds over the integers without the reduction mod q. In other words, reducing mod q must not change anything.


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