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Review 2

Verfasst: 9. Jul 2015 19:23
von sproksch
Dear SEP participants,

the second review get's close. It will take place on July 24, in room A213. We assigned the following slots:

13:30pm: LZI Solutions
14:15pm: Six Gems
15:00pm: Rubber Ducks
15:45pm: Codibri

Please be there in time!

The basic structure of your presentation is similar to the previous review. Contentwise, it is similar to the design meetings. The presentation should last 25min. Afterwards, we will have a discussion for 20min. Pick your most important requirement and discuss in details how your architecture was affected by it and how the requirement was implemented.

General Contents

In the beginning of your talk briefly(!) introduce your team and your project. This should be kept shorter than in the first review.

At the end of your talk present an updated time schedule for you project. The schedule must include:
* Overall progress, e.g., project burndown chart
* Remaining estimated work and remaining budget for different activities, e.g., documentation, implementation
* Changes made to the estimation since the last review

Again, try to keep this part short and put the focus on your design and architecture!

Focus of Review 2

The main topics for this review is the result of the design workshops, we'd like to get a deeper insight into the architecture of your project.

The review should cover the following general points:

* Present a high-level overview of your architecture along with the major design goals
* Introduce the (non-)functional requirements that influenced your design and discuss how they are related to your design goals
* Explain why your design meets those requirements
* Which alternate designs were considered by you? Based on which consideration did you decide for the final design?

Additionally, you should also cover the following, more specific question:

* pick out the most important (or most diffcult) requirement and discuss in detail how your architecture was affected
* discuss important subsystems in detail, including interfaces and their interplay
* illustrate architecture patterns and/or design patterns used in your system (and why they were applied)
* illustrate extension points of your system

I recommend you to get timely(!) feedback from your group supervisors.

I’m looking forward to your presentation!


edit: removed reference to the former design document

Re: Review 2

Verfasst: 16. Jul 2015 15:43
von nastia2325
Hallo Sebastian,

welches Design Document meinst du genau? Soweit ich weiß müssen wir kein Design Document abgeben, es geht lediglich um die Präsentation oder irre ich mich?


Re: Review 2

Verfasst: 16. Jul 2015 17:20
von sproksch
Du hast recht, diese Stelle habe ich beim Anpassen überlesen. Ich habe die Referenz darauf nun entfernt, ich meinte die Inhalte der Design Workshops...

Danke für den Hinweis!