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SE fair

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Dear SEP participants,

the project fair is coming up soon.

Date: October 25th
Time: 12:30 – open End (approx.. 18:00)

During the project fair you have the opportunity to present the product you delivered in your SE project. For this purpose each group will get a booth in the central hallway of the Piloty building.
In the course of the day, the industry partners will present new topics for the upcoming SEP year.
In the evening we will announce the final grades and celebrate invite you to celebrate your successful projects with a glass of champagne.

In preparation we require the following things from you:
  • A poster (in A2) where you present the topic of your SE project, the final product and the team. You can find examples for posters in the hallway of the software technology group.
  • A flyer with lessons learned (any format, preferably A4 or A5). Present a short summary of the “do’s” and “don’ts” in an SE project for students in the upcoming year.
  • A demonstrator for your product. The demonstrator should explain and visualize your product to the visitors at the SE fair. You can use Screenshots, Slide-Shows, Videos and Live-Demos. Be creative and show off ;-)
Please discuss the poster and flyer with your group advisors in advance.
The final version of the poster must be available October 22nd (23:59h), so we can print them on the 23rd.
We will not print the flyers, please do so yourselves
Hand in both the poster and the flyer as a pdf. Please ensure that images on the poster have a high resolution. Otherwise, the pixels will show in the printed version.
If you use logos of other products, please ensure that you have the right to use that logo.
Also, please contact me for the logos of our research group and I will mail them to you.

General information on the fair:
  • Each group has a booth, for which we will provide a table to set up displays for the demos
  • The booths are in the main hall of the Piloty building (S2/02) on level 1.
  • The fair starts at 12:30, BUT …
  • You should be finished with the setup of your demonstrations at 11:30 (Don’t underestimate the time required for the setup. Trust me it takes longer than you think)
  • We will have tables etc. prepared at 10:00. (In case you need more time to setup your booth contact me)
Final Questions to the teams (please respond as soon as possible)
Do you need hardware for your booths? (we have Desktop PCs, or 19” TFT displays from the SE pools)
Do you need an Ethernet cable connection or are you able to demonstrate using the wireless lan?

If you have any questions contact me.
Dipl.-Inform. Ralf Mitschke <mitschke@st.informatik.tu-...>

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Re: SE fair

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I have an addition to this:

Team Website

Your SEP comes to an end, but we want your deeds to be remembered forever in the hall of fame of all successfully completed SEP teams. Therefor, we expect every team to provide a static website for the project... I already announced it in one of the first kick-offs, so it should not be a surprise ;)

The website should contain the following information:
  • Information about your team (Name, Logo, Members, Group Picture)
  • Information about your customer (Name, Logo, Link to Website)
  • Title of your project (75 chars)
  • Short-Description of your project goal that can be understood on its own (400 chars)
  • Extended Description of your project (2500 chars)
  • Your "Lessons Learned" (e.g., your most important experiences during the project; recommendations to future teams; "Dos & Don'ts", that helped you, etc.) -- no limit or formal requirement for this point
  • simple list of your main technologies, preferably with a link to the developer and a one-sentence-description for what you have used it.
  • 5 different images that represent the results of your project. This can be screenshots of your app, but also a picture of your group during a design review, a diagram of an important process, etc. (Down-)Scale the images (if necessary) to a resolution of roughly 1024x1024.
The idea for the website is mainly to present your achieved results. It is not necessary to discuss how you got there. You can take a lot of those information from your documents, and most of the information is needed for your posters and hand-out at the fair, anyways. But: Consider the limits as a "hard cap"! The website does not need to contain any CSS styles, just use default HTML markup to structure it well, we will convert it later to a default layout/template that is non-existing yet. :)

End of the Project and final submission

As listed in the calendar, we expect you to hand in an archivable CD/DVD on October 25 that contains the following things:
  • Final Version of all documents
  • Updated list of your requirements (e.g., in your Req.-Document or as a separate Change Request Document)
  • Final Snapshot of your Source-Code
  • All Presentations (Steering Committees and Reviews)
  • Poster for the fair
  • Handout for the fair
  • Static webseite
  • And based on the experience of former years... please label the volume with the names of your group and customer xD
You get your grade in exchange for this CD/DVD (after we checked it for completeness). ;)

Thanks to all of you for a great and interesting year!



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